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“An intelligent person hires people who are more intelligent than he is.”

 Robert Kiyosaki

Rebates and Rewards

You will win big, when you deal with us. We offer differents ways of shopping in the market place.

Listing Mail Outs

Use our tools to give you leverage on your local market. We’ll send you all the listings intel you need to help market or buy effectively .

The Latest Tech Trends

We stay up to speed with the latest strategies and technologies to help you buy or sell smarter. Times are changing, don’t lose on your next transaction.

Market Numbers

We don’t just make decision based on our neighbours list or sell price. Using hard numbers from many sources, we’ll always buy and sell smarter. Want access! Contact us today!

Daniel Rashed

Daniel Rashed


We’ll walk you through the planning process step-by-step, to help you determine which strategy is right for you. The “traditional industry applications” often involves more money than it should.  We point out all of the pitfalls inherited in the classic selling or buying process. Ensure you get value when dealing in your next Real Estate transaction.   We can help, Contact us!